Regex Replace

The RegexReplace program is a .NET add-on for use with AutoCAD 2008 and later. It uses Regular Expressions to extend the  Search and Replace capability of the user.  A Find feature allows the user to zoom to each found instance-- and stop there if desired to work in the AutoCAD editor. The Search can be resumed later, or a new Search can be begun.

RegexReplace also has a capability of converting a particular quantity of units of measure to units of another type of measurement. So, for example all instances of xx GPM can be replaced with yy LPM or even xx GPM [yy LPM]. It does not have to be a one-for-one swapout. You can convert into a new set of units, then show both units together in whatever format you like. That is all up to you as the Regular Expression author.

Do not let the idea of using Regular Expressions intimidate you! Literals are perfectly acceptable as Regular Expressions. You will find a
short introduction to Regular Expressions in the accompanying Help file to get you started. Wikipedia has a more complete treatment of the

The fact that it was not too difficult to program and that as an AutoCAD user I am very pleased with the increased Search and Replace functionality it gave me motivates me to offer it to others in hopes that enough support for this use of Regular Expressions is generated that the makers of AutoCAD may be inspired to incorporate similar functionality in a later release of their product. So, if you like it, please let Autodesk know you would like to see it in their products.

A help file gives a good introduction to the use of Regular Expressions, but the user is encouraged to study the subject on their own to expand his abilities in their use.

       New 1/13/2013 !! 
          Version 2.1
              Added fraction conversion to decimal number option.