P&ID Tags Reader

The P&IDtagsReader program is a .NET add-on for use with AutoCAD 2008 and later. It has a variety of uses in the design of Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs). It will read existing equipment or instrument tags according to user-defined tag search patterns. Custom tag pattern files can be saved for reuse for work with a particular customer or a particular type of design.

The tags can be on one or two lines of text, multiline text or attributes, or they can be contained within a circular instrument bubble. The existing tags can be exported to a text file, or inspected.

P&IDtagsReader uses a modeless dialog box so that the user can go to and from the AutoCAD editor as required. Once existing tags are selected the tag numbers can be resequenced following a general user-defined path. The path information is saved with the drawing file and can be reused as is, or copied or mirrored to a new location to sequence similar or mirrored equipment on the P&ID.

Tag number sequences may be given any initial value. Existing sequences may be incremented to a new initial value.

As the design progresses tags can be added into or removed from an existing tag sequence. Any resulting tag number gaps may be reclosed.

     Click here to see P&ID Tags Reader Help File.